Is it too correct to be proper?

It is the maximum commonplace query whilst the humans see the “large fat cheque” made by means of the internet publishers.

“How can I imagine that I could make money with the aid of constructing such UFA website?”

This is my mother’s reaction beneath my expectation. Indeed, many people overlook the strength of facts technology. Before the net age, human beings have been nevertheless seeking out records by using other methods like newspaper, TV applications, mouths, radio..

Until now, people can almost get entry to the entirety via net. The manner is the equal. People like to access statistics. The distinction is…The velocity is lots faster today.

I need to know how?

The take a look at is just too appealing. Nobody can forget about it. Do you without a doubt understand the tale in the back of the test? Every penny, it has its own tale….I bet you need to recognize the story behind the penny made by the internet site, right?

If you are a regular individual, you’ll go to both “Google” or “Yahoo” even “MSN Live” to look for any facts or “SECRETS” about making a living by means of a internet site.

In the search engines like google, you can discover facts “A”, “B”….”X”, and by some means you return to this internet site by accident. You have no concept whether or not this site can solution your question, but anyway, it is no lose to test one more website 🙂

Do you’ve got a internet site?

It’s a totally silly question. If you ask this question to the group below “18”, on the whole 70% of them have a domain from Xanga, Blogger, Live Space and My Space..And many others. Their web sites are like a platform of entertainment – a channel to talk with their buddies.

Why do they construct a internet site?

Why do the young humans love to construct a internet site? Most solution it – “For Fun”. It’s tough to find the solution like “I want to make cash from the website”. Making money is not the primary force to pressure them to build a funny internet site.

But I want to make money from a website…

Then the following question is: Do you’ve got a website?

If you didn’t know the business ability of a internet site, maximum likely you will not build a site. At least, you might imagine you have every other way to make cash like making an investment in another business, inventory funding, real property.

No count number you make a decision to construct a site, I would really like to bypass you a idea. Any website which cannot facilitate the “human interaction” or “verbal exchange”, it’s miles in no way an amazing internet site.

Do you don’t forget the cause of net?

Yes…For verbal exchange – put off the barrier of conversation, decorate the records flow among people. We still keep in mind that, the facet fabricated from internet….”e mail” got here first, after which “web page”.

Email is for communication for positive. Then how approximately website?

At the “Old Stone Age”, Webpage become used to show the statistics that we couldn’t do it with the aid of the usage of electronic mail…E.G. 10,000 words with pictures, audio…

At that moment, webpage may want to facilitate ‘one-manner’ communication (Email is 2-manner). If you desired to contact the site owners, you will find his e mail on the website and send him a message.

Today (the Modern Age), thanks for the exquisite era, a web site can offer 2-way and even multi-manner conversation. You can see net customers opt to stay on the “blog”, “community web sites”, and virtually we cannot neglect the powerful internet gear e.G. Engines like google, report sharing.

Therefore, if you are going to build a website, what’s the reason of it?

Please forget about the programming paintings. It’s no longer your job. You are a logician to reflect onconsideration on the sport plan. You need to suppose the way to play this recreation properly, and the way you could construct numerous connections from your internet site. It’s the source of cash.

To become a a hit net writer, programming talent is the least crucial. You realize, up to those 7 years, I can’t do any programming paintings irrespective of html, personal home page, VB…And so on. It’s no longer an excuse for you no longer to construct a site primarily based on this purpose.

The Driving Force

I’ve been in this enterprise for 7 years (seeing that Year 2000). All my enterprise fashions and strategies are driven by using best 1 motive – “For Fun”. I treat my enterprise like a “sport” and that is why, I never experience I am busy or face high stress.

Since it’s a sport – you play it, no longer “work” on it. If you have youngsters, you can ask….What are you doing now….I guess they will now not answer this..”I’m working on PlayStation 3..”. It doesn’t make any experience.

The “whole picture” is bigger and longer than this text. You can find the 2d half of this newsletter here: The First Step of Web Publisher [http://www.Ambatch.Com/2007/07/your-first-step.Html]

Ambatch.Com is a self-finance web publishing studio in Hong Kong.

Kelvin Hui is an internet writer and undertaking capitalist. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ambatch Systems Limited that’s the main net publishing studio in Asia.

With 7 years of website building revel in & information, he develops web sites in one-of-a-kind countries which rank the pinnacle nearby a hundred in step with the traffic volume. In October 2006, one in every of his experiments known as ambatch.Com, a community internet site, changed into ranked 217 in Alexa Global Ranking.

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